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影片推介- 《跨世代轉型電影計劃》科技轉型

In order to explore the ways to become a Transformative Servant Leadership with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) based on the past research findings of Dr. Shirley Yeung - Movie Producer, "Cross Generation Transformation Movie Project", the 5th movie is focused on resuming relationship with accommodation, adjustment and adaptation skills with technology and STEAM Mindset for a young couples who are facing financial difficulties and relationship issues under COVID-19.

The movie makes us rethink the ways to integrate UNSDG# 3 wellness, #16 peace, #8 economic impacts, #9 innovation and #17 partnership with Skills of Empathetic Communication, Collaboration, Responsiveness and Transformation for Transformations and Futures of Education.

The movie highlighted the key elements for Cross-Generation Transformation are :

Determination to Change,

Change With Innovations,

Critical Thinking For Common Goals,

Transcend Self Interest, and

Accept People.

《跨世代轉型電影計劃》電影製片人Dr. Shirley Yeung 為了探索如何成為聯合國可持續發展目標(UNSDGs)的變革型僕人領袖,她根據過去的研究成果製作第 5 部影片,在影片中描述一對在 COVID 下面臨財務困難和關係問題的年輕夫婦,如何通過科技和 STEAM 思維,在疫情下處理關係問題和適應科技變更等議題。

這部電影讓我們重新思考如何將 UNSDG#3 健康、#16 和平與#9 創新以及#17 移情溝通與協作、回應問題的能力和轉型技能等關係整合在一起,這些都是轉型和未來教育的所需技能。








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